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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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 Sick and Shut-In Prayer List
I was sick, and ye visited me --Matthew 25:36
Please pray for our sick, shut-in or bereaved members. To submit a prayer request click the link below
The Men and Women of the Armed Forces and their families


Mrs. Sharon Adams
Mrs. Pearl Cole
Mrs. Joyce Finch Fleming

Mrs. Alyce Harris
Mr. Easley Jackson
Mrs. Donna North

Mr. Kenneth Richardson

Ms. Stephanie Simpson

Professor James Arthur Williams
Mrs. Cecilia Wise

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2017-05-29Physical Healing
My heart is ill with atrial flutter. Please pray for the physical healing of my heart so I do not need surgery! Thank you and God bless you!
2017-02-21Physical Healing
Please pray for healing of my heart disease and body. Had open heart surgery before. Having more trouble, am in pain, having trouble with medication.
I have not been able to forgive my brothers and sisters and have been meaning to go for a confession for quite some time now but something or the other comes in my way and I have not been able to go. Family problems are keeping me under lot of pressure. I have lost peace of mind, appetite, sleep and have had health issues. My rheumatoid arthritis has aggravated. Please pray that I make a good confession, which will solve many of my problems.
2016-09-30Tina who has cancer
Please pray for my friend TIna who was recently diagnosed with cancer in her arm; she begins chemo soon. Thank you mighty prayer warriors!
2016-09-30Marriage restoration
Please pray with me for my husband Andre to be saved by Jesus Christ and for our marriage to the restored in Jesus Christ. Please pray for our divorce ro be stopped by Jesus Christ. Amen.
2016-05-16God forgive ,me of pride and foolishness
seeing some signs of heart failure and cancer---became upset and hopeless blaming even my mother + friends----yet i was blind when people warned me not to go wrong way----please ask Good Lord 4 2 or 3 rd chance to recover from heart,kidney failure,brain tumor
2016-03-15Second Marriage
God freed me and my two kids from an abusive marriage and now I have met a man willing to marry me and accept my kids as well.He has proved his care for us by supporting us constantly since my separation and divorce. My kids love him as a real father. But His parents are not showing their acceptance please pray that God's love would fill our parents' hearts with acceptance for our marriage. Amen
2016-03-01marriage restoration
Please pray for my husband he is having an affair with a woman at work for a year now. Long story short, he was not saved before the affair but was a good, loving husband and father. He turned into a very selfish and vain person. He lies constantly and this woman has a VERY strong hold on him. This has done so much damage to me and our children, I have an ulcer that is bleeding from stress and lost so much weight. My 12 year old son came across naked pictures she send of herself to my husband. I don't have enough space to explain everything but this is a terrible situation. Please pray that God intervene quickly and mightily and break this hold she has on him (remove her from our lives completely) and for his deliverance and salvation. Also for friends that is a VERY bad influence to be removed from his life. There has been so much damage done because of this: family bonds broken, emotional damage, friendships broken, BIG financial problems. Alcohol and drug addiction. And please also pray for me and our children for emotional healing and for myself for my faith. I'm ashamed to admit it, but my faith is very weak because of all of this. Please pray for me for spiritual growth and breakthrough. I'm in a place of despair and everything around me is falling apart. My 12 year old son is really acting out and rebelling. And my 8 year old daughter is emotional, crying about everything. I don't know how to handle these things anymore. I'm emotionally broken, I have no self-esteem and feel like a failure as christian, wife and mother. I KNOW only God can do the miracles we need, but without faith it is impossible to please God, and my faith is very weak- I've been praying, believing God for a miracle. I'm going to loose my mind. My son told me he doesn't believe God is real, because a loving Almighty God would not let this happen. Don't know how long I can go on like this. Hurts see my children going through this. This is affecting them just as bad. Please please pray for us. And us for a supernatural miracle. That I know God CAN do.
2016-01-08healing my chest pain and my lungs
Dear God im praying and crying out for your help please heal my chest pain and my lungs I been suffering for a long time God I pray that my lungs are heal and healthy in the name of Jesus Christ bless my body and heal me from all sickness and diseases God I dont smoke no more and it feels good I just pray that my body and health get healthier I pray amen
2016-01-01Marriage restoration
Please pray that my marriage is saved and divorce is rebuked
2015-12-27Prayer Request
I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen
2015-11-08Prayer Request
Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus - I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen. ______________________________ Dear fellow Christians, please pray for this prayer request above, and please share it with everyone, everywhere! Until it comes true, and Jesus returns to save His people - which hopefully, by then, will include all of us! Thank You! God bless you! :) Love, Leo Sourisseau Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Good Morning My husband has been having an affair and now he claims he loves the other women please pray for the restoration of my marriage and for us to be united again as one and for the other women to be removed from our lives forever. And for us never to be separated or Divorced.
2015-04-20Please pray for my family
My husband of 32 years has left, stating he can't be happy living at home. He has been resistant to counseling. He has been a Godly man, and I know that the Holy Spirit dwells within him. I just pray that he would open his heart, and that his anger be softened, that he return home where we can seek Godly counsel for our family.
2014-12-07please pray for my husband
My husband is destroying his life and our family. He had problems with drugs, alcohol, women and gambling before we met. I did not know about any of this. We have been together for over 8 yrs. He started to fall into his old ways this past summer. I moved 10 hours away so that we could start a new life. He was had to finish up a few things and then he was suppose to move with me. This past Monday, my world was destroyed. He is refusing to have any contact with me. He is abusing drugs and alcohol and he even slept with a prostitute. I do know know what or why this has all happened. He has turned from his family and God. Please pray that he returns to God and pray that God let's me know if I am suppose to move on or wa it on God to fix my husband.
2014-08-25please pray for my marriage
I have prayed sewn seeds of faith fasted prayed called many of prayer lines submitted many of prayer begging God for forgiveness and mercy for him to please touch my husbands heart and if he loves me as he says to change his mind about divorce but he is filing and I am breaking please God I don't understand how divorce can be your will I don't understand how someone who loves you walks out on their family please dear God Please touch his heart and make him see that he is making a mistake please ease his pain and anger please put conviction on him so he will see how much o love him and our marriage covenant with you should not be broken in Jesus name I pray
please pray for my freedom from fear,idolatry,strongholds. that i have gods protection and peace and the holy spirit my comforter in this trial. and that i am healed from insomnia
2014-04-15Pray for michelle marie Triska
Pray God melts away my hiatus hernia and gas
2014-03-26Prayer for healing and getting well
2014-03-21Lung disease (copd)
I would like to be put on a prayer list for my own healing of copd...I thank you kindly,and God Bless you all...
2013-10-28Marriage and family restoration
My wife has filed for divorce and me and my two young sons are praying and believing god for a miracle my youngest son says gods telling his heart moms coming home to be a family agin do please pray god will grant them the desires of their hearts I love my wife and boys I need my family so please please pray for a miracle
Pray for my family going through something really serious could mean the end of our family.
2013-10-17Mrs. Mary Phillips
Please keep my Aunt Mary,in your prayers. She has not been well for a long time now.And is in bed most of the time. She misses her church very much.She's been a member of McKinley,since she was 18 or 19 years old. Anyone having the time she would love to have a visit.Please remember her in your prayers. Thank you so much. Marilyn Jackson
My name is Kenneth Myrie , I live in Jamaica I am sick and need prayer
2012-10-06Prayer request
Please pray for Wendy Mitchell-Payne, Jeff Payne and the rest of the family. Jeff and Wendy are about 34 weeks pregnant with their 5th child and having a C-section on Tuesday, Oct 2. The baby has Potters Syndrome. They tried to carry the baby as long as possible with hopes of saving someone else's child. This is one of the most selfless things I have witnessed in my life. Their hope is that the baby will take a few breaths, long enough for everyone to say hello and goodbye. Please pray for everyone touched by this tiny, beautiful person and for the continued strength of these two wonderful parents.
2012-09-18complete healing
Dear Pastor,Brother and sister, Please pray for my mother (amparo conche) and brother (jonathan) to stop for smoking.. my mom for active mind and to walk/talk again properly - my father (wenceslao conche) for COPD (lungs) - total healing for them - please help me pray for them - many thanks.. God bless!
2012-06-14prayer for healing
Please agree with us in prayer for the healing of my brother in law Dan McKenzie whom has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer of the pancreas which has spread to his liver. He is 68 and needs us prayer warriors to stand in the gap for him. Thanks for praying for our loved one. God Bless.
2011-06-11Marcia Smith-Reese
Please pray for my sister, Marcia Reese. She went to the hospital on Sunday with severe abdominal pains. She has to have a full hysterectomy. However today they discovered that she has sepsis. So they cannot do the surgery until they can control the infection. Thanks in advance for your prayers! I will send updates as soon as I can.
2011-02-06McKinley UMC
I miss you all dearly amd I am praying for you. May god continue to bless and keep you! Sincerely, Mrcia Smith-Reese. Florence, KY
2010-08-12pray for our church
We need to be in continued prayer for our church, McKinley U.M.C. as we once again are in a transition.Having had another Pastor appointed to our church.If you are a member of McKinley U.M.C. pray for your church. If you are not a member but you may have just happened upon our web site, take a look around the site, I think it is a awesome web site with a lot to see. Come and visit us.And please pray for our church and church members.
2010-08-01Jaden Johnson
I would like a prayer request for my son Jaden Johnson who has been getting sick a lot lately and would just like for the church to say a prayer for me and my family as fight through these tough times.
2010-06-01Military personal
Today is Memorial day 2010. I would like to thank as well as pray for all of our military past and present for all that they are doing/have done to keep us safe. Thanks and blessings,
2010-05-18Prayer Requests.
I would like to request prayer for my husband and I as we move to our new domicile in Florence, KY. I also wish to lift-up in prayer our service Men and Women and for the sick and shut-in. God Bless You All!!! Very Sincerely, Marcia Smith-Reese.
2010-03-22Dr. Kenneth Kou and Family and for my Husband Daniel Reese.
Thank you Mckinley family for your constance prayers, Today, I found out the my co-worker and Sraff Dentist that I have been working with was found dead in his apartment. He was only 26 years old. I am truly grieve stricken and I am asking the church to prayer for the Kuo Family and to continue to pray for healing for my husband Daniel who is still at home. He has been unable to return to work and he is not getting paid for the time off from work. Pray for his healing and to return to work. God Bless ALL OF YOU AT MCKINLEY. Very Sincerely, Mrs. Marcia M.A. Reese.
2010-02-21Daniel Reese.
I ask the Church to pray for my husband Daniel Reese. He has been experiencing lower back pain and we have been to the E.R.twice within one week. I am asking prayer for healing and peace of mind. Asking God to grant me strength, Grace and Mercy.
2009-11-08For my Sister -in-law
please pray for my Sis-in-law Dena Copeland-Morrell she had both kidneys removed about Four years ago due to kidney disease. They found a kidney for her on Thurs. did the surgery all was well.but please keep her in prayer.
2009-08-07Many Blessings
Please pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous in GODs eyes.Pray GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now,Pray GOD raises me a mile above those used by Satan to glorify GOD,Pray GOD Blesses me financially now and always.Pray GOD heals my body completely now.Pray GOD brings me my soulmate now In JESUS Name Amen.
2009-08-07Daniel and Marcia Reese
I am requesting prayer for me and my husband and his pending decission to accept a KBR position in the Middle-East when the position becomes avaliable. And, please, pray for my family in the homegoing of my Aunt Peggy Ann Allen-Hunt. I thank you very much and God Bless each and everyone of you. Sincerely, Marcia Reese.
2009-05-18lost my son
Lost my son. Falling apart inside. Can't function. Please help
2009-05-09marriage restoration
I ask in the Name of Jesus for the complete healing and restoration of our marriage, that the doors of communication would be opened and our family restored to full unity and serving the Lord. I ask that we would pray together and attend church regularly and seek God first in all of our situations and that God would allow us to experience a true marriage of which we both have never had. I ask for a sudden movement of the hand of God on our union and full blessings and for full true forgiveness, In Jesus Christ Precious Name. AMEN Todd and Claudia S
2008-12-22Damarions Flippin's familly
2008-09-06For McKinley United Methodist Church.
I pray for all of the members at Mckinley.May God continue to Bless and strengthen McKinley. Sincerely, Marcia Smith
2008-08-10Prayer request
Please keep Shawn Cobble in your prayers as he is under medical treatment for chest pains @ Miammi Vally Hospital this evening
2008-07-08To all the members at McKinley
I pray for all of the members at McKinley. I miss you all and hope to be back next weekend (7-12/13-08). God Bless You. Marcia Smith.
2007-10-10The Hutson Family--My Mother's death
Please pray for me and my family. We lost our mother on 17 June 2007 and are still having a hard time coping. I know that time heals all wounds, but I feel, especially for me there is not enough time in the world to heal this wound. I pray for strength but it seems that the harder I pray the more it hurts. My mom was a member of the choir, a bible school teacher and a faithful member from 1953 until her illness in 2006. We all miss her a great deal but I think I miss her just a little bit more because she's not here for me to take of anymore. Whether she knew it or not she was my best friend. Her birthday was last Friday on 28 Sept and it hurt so much not to have her here. But like I said, I'm having a hard time dealing with her death. It is affecting my sleep, my job and just day to day living, it's even affecting my coming back church knowing I won't see her there. She was the one who I talked to when things went wrong and now she's gone. I find myself crying all time and I can't stop. I pray like I said but it not like hearing her voice and having her talk back to me and sometimes I feel like my prayers are on deaf ears. Please pray for me and my family.
2007-08-30Pray for restored health
2007-06-27Boy with Cancer
Please pray for Malachi who is a seven year old boy with cancer. His cancer was in remission for a year and a half after having a bone marrow transplant but now it is back and very bad. He is having to take chemo treatments this week.
2006-01-19Michael Weidner
Michael is a 10 year old little boy that is presently on life support. His brain is swelling and the Dr's have no idea what is wrong with him. Please put him on your prayer line. Thank You!
2005-04-29Charles Bush
A family member is requesting prayers for Mr. Bush who is in the hospital.
to whom it may concern: I was wondering if you could pray for my marriage? my wife wants out. I'm not so willing to give up so easily. we was married under god. and god sent her to me. I believe god can save your marriage with prayers. thanks H. Spangler