McKinley United Methodist Church
Sunday, September 23, 2018

Church History

Methodism for blacks in Dayton had its beginning in the United Brethren Church. In 1860 blacks who were church members attended the United Brethren Church on what was then called court street.  The city bought the property on which the church stood, promising to build the congregation a building on another site.  This promise was never fulfilled.
In 1873 Reverend John Downs attempted to establish a Methodist Church in Dayton but was unsuccessful.  Later, Reverend Albert Matthews built a Baptist mission on Hawthorn Street.  This mission in 1880 was called "Little Jim" and its members interchanged with Zion Baptist church  in having literary meetings. 
The Reverend J. H. Payne bought the first building and lot and located the church on Hawthorn Street.  The church at that time was called the Hawthorn Street Methodist Episcopal Church.  In 1896 the Reverend London Swift, a Baptist minister, attended a political meeting in Springfield, Ohio and asked Mr. William McKinley, who was running for the office of President of the United States, if he would donate to a church if it were named in his honor.  McKinley readily agreed and made substantial contributions to the small congregation. In 1896, the name was changed to the McKinley Methodist Church in honor of President McKinley. In 1968, after the merger of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church, the name became the McKinley United Methodist Church.
In one hundred thirty years of existence, McKinley has benefited from the expertise and spiritual guidance of thirty-six ministers and their families and countless numbers of loyal lay persons who have left us a legacy of dedication, faith, commitment, sacrifice and the ability to succeed against all odds. We members of McKinley United Methodist Church must go forth with joy under the leadership of our present minister Rev. Peter E. Matthews and continue to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. As we set our goal and fix our eyes toward heaven, let us finish the race that is set before us.

A Chronological List of Ministers of McKinley United Methodist Church
 1880 Rev. Albert Matthews
1929-1931 Rev. Pettis Gorham
1887-1889 Rev. J.H. Payne 1931-1935 Rev. David Jordan
1889-1890 Rev. Marcus McCoomer 1935-1938 Rev. W. H. McCallum
1891-1892 Rev. Scott Ward 1938-1946 Rev. George Sherard
1893-1894 Rev. T.C. Carpenter 1946-1952 Rev. J. I. Dixon
1895-1896 Rev. Marcus McCoomer 1952-1955 Rev. C.T.R. Nelson
1896-1900 Rev. Simon Turner 1955-1958 Rev. I. D. Dorsey
1901-1903 Rev. Pettis Gorham 1958-1961 Rev. C. V. Haynes
1903-1905 Rev. Charles Lewis 1961-1966 Rev. Frank Arnold
1905 Rev. W. C. Stovall 1966-1975 Rev. Robert Streaty
1905-1907 Rev. C.E. Alexander 1975-1986 Rev. Joseph Leon Aldridge
1907-1910 Rev. N.H. Talbott 1986-1998 Rev. Dr. William J. Augman, Jr.  
1910-1911 Rev. Zeigler 1998-2002 Rev. Dr. Lois B. Fortson
1911-1914 Rev. W. C. Statesman              2002-2004 Rev. Louis R. Jones
1914-1919 Rev. Joseph Burton 2005-2007 Elder Roland J. Moore
1920 Rev. W. H. Riley 2007-June 2010 Rev. Diane Turner-Sharazz
1921-1924 Rev. John Wesley Chinn
June 2010-Oct 2016 Rev. M. Merritt Worthen

192-1929 Rev. Joseph Burton

November 2016 to the present Rev. Peter E. Matthews

More detailed information is available in the archives housed in the Church Library.